Laptops/PC/monitors repairs

  • Non-warranty repair service for Laptops/PCs/monitors
  • I repair all major brands of Laptops/PCs/monitors
  • I’m experienced and qualified Service Engineer (Samsung Senior service engineer)
  • A guarantee on all repair work I do on your device (90 days)
  • If you are not from Varna, you can send your device by Ekont courier service to me for repair

How I work?

I repair all laptop makes and models, PCs & Apple Macs right down to component level. After inspection I will provide you a full condition report with estimate cost and time of the repair. In most cases, it takes around 2 working days (up to 6 days with complex issues).


  • Motherboard & Logic Board Repair

Common issues which usually mean a motherboard or logic board failure:

  • Dead laptop – no power;
  • Distorted or corrupt graphics;
  • Laptop powers on but does not boot up;
  • No image displayed on screen
  • Charger lights turns off when plugged into laptop

If you’ve been told by another laptop repair company that your motherboard or logic board is not repairable or that your laptop requires a new motherboard to be fitted, then contact me now! I repair motherboards right down to component level.

  • Graphic Card & GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Repair

If you having a problem with your laptop and not getting any display on your screen then there may be a fault with your graphics card or integrated/dedicated graphics chipset, which is soldered onto the motherboard. This failure can usually be repaired by having the GPU reballed with a leaded solder or replaced with a new revised chip.
If you have any of the following faults then it’s most like the GPU has failed:

  • Blank screen with no display;
  • Distorted or corrupt graphics;
  • 3 beeps (two long and one short beep);
  • Fuzzy or corrupt display
  • Multiple split display
  • Works on external monitor only
  • Liquid Spill Repair
  • DC Jack Socket Repair
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Laptop Backlight Repair

Is your screen very dark or backlight dim? It’s very likely your backlight or LCD inverter has failed. On older laptops some of backlight faults can be repaired by replacing the CCFL invertor. On newer laptops WLED drivers usually need replacing on the motherboard or logic board.

  • Blank screen or dim screen;
  • The backlight on your screen flickers ;
  • Screen goes blank for no reason;
  • Laptop Housing, Keyboard and Hinge Repair
  • Software Problems, Virus & Malware Removal


Minimum Cost** (lv.)
Apple Macs
Minimum Cost** (lv.)
Inspection Fee* (lv.) 2050
Motherboard & Logic Board Repair90120
Graphic Card & GPU90120
Liquid Spill Repair90120
DC Jack Socket Repair6090
Laptop Screen Repair70100
Laptop Screen Replacement4070
Laptop Housing, Keyboard and Hinge Repair4070
Software Problems, Virus & Malware Removal30-
Cleaning laptop cooling system3060