Price guide

TV TypeInspection Fee* (lv.)
Minimum Cost** (lv.)
LCD/LED up to 19"/CRT2060
LCD/LED 22" - 27"2060
LCD/LED 32" and above 40100
Plasma TV40100

Coffee machines typeInspection Fee* (lv.) Minimum Cost** (lv.)
Filter Coffee Machines2040
Capsule or Pod Coffee Machines2040
Traditional Espresso Machines4080
Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines4080

Minimum Cost** (lv.)
Apple Macs
Minimum Cost** (lv.)
Inspection Fee* (lv.) 2050
Motherboard & Logic Board Repair90120
Graphic Card & GPU90120
Liquid Spill Repair90120
DC Jack Socket Repair6090
Laptop Screen Repair70100
Laptop Screen Replacement4070
Laptop Housing, Keyboard and Hinge Repair4070
Software Problems, Virus & Malware Removal30-
Cleaning laptop/desktop cooling system3060